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Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks, Kansas City Steaks, New York Steaks, Montana and Texas Steaks are all banned in Europe. Most steaks served in your favorite steakhouse are banned too.  Hamburger, yes it is banned as well.


The U.S. beef cattle are fed synthetic hormones in the … Continue Reading ››

Quality Grass Fed Beef

Quality Control - Grass Fed Beef

Our goal at Full Sircle Farms is to produce the best quality grass fed beef available. Our tag line, "Sustainable Nutrition" describes our purpose. It begins with the best possible genetics. Lowline Angus.


The research that led to the Lowline Angus breed began at the Trangie Research Center in … Continue Reading ››

A Cows Natural Diet

A Cows Natural Diet consists of plants that can be "grazed" or "browsed." Grazing generally refers to the eating of grasses, and browsing usually refers to the eating of leaves, twigs, or bark from bushes or trees. Cows both graze and browse, but they are definitely more "grazers" than "browsers" and their complicated four-part stomach … Continue Reading ››