Kansas City Aberdeen Angus

Kansas City Lowline Angus:

Kansas City Aberdeen Angus – At Full Sircle Farms we raise Aberdeen Angus cattle.  This breed was developed at the Trangie Research Center in New South Wales, Australia. Researchers began with a herd of registered Aberdeen Angus cattle, carefully selected for high quality and small size. After several decades, the end result was a breed of small, black (and recently, red), polled cattle with pure Angus genetics.  They are highly efficient in converting grass to protein.  See what live cattle we have on sale here.

Lowlines have retained the favorable traits of conventional sized Angus, including easy calving and strong maternal instincts. They produce beef with excellent taste, texture and tenderness on a diet of grass.

Grass-fed beef has numerous health benefits over normal corn-fed beef including:

• Significantly less Total Fat (TF)
• Higher amounts of Protein
• Fewer Calories/ounce
• High levels of Omega-3 FA
• Low levels of Omega-6 FA
• High levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid
• High levels of Vitamin E
• Higher levels of Vitamins A , B and, C
• Increased Selenium levels

What Really Matters – The Tenderness and the Taste


The tenderness of Lowline Angus beef is due to genetic, psychological, and environmental factors. A 24 month Lowline Angus steer will marble off the rich grasses.


The taste of Lowline Angus beef is exceptional, whether it is ground beef, steak, or roast. The superior taste is directly connected to all of the health and tenderness issues discussed elsewhere. 85% of Angus Beef is choice or better.

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