Testimonials from our customers:

“We just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying the beef we purchased a few weeks ago!  Hands down, some of the tastiest ever!
We’ll definitely be ordering from you again!
We wish you well until our next encounter! “
Rich and Laura L.  July 2017

“Since we only eat steaks occasionally (due to high prices), it was honestly hard to instantly tell if the grass feed beef had “superior taste”. That said, I did grill a couple store bought, 1/2″ steaks (select not choice) while I was out of town and they were not that good – the 1″ grass-fed we had were definitely better…. what we did notice immediately was the meat seemed to have more tender and flavor characteristics. I know that am I no grading expert, but even though marbling is the predominant grading factor, and grass-feed beef is leaner than grain-finished, the steaks would easily have graded choice with respect to tenderness and flavor.”

“I took an inventory of what we got, by poundage, and used the national average prices (by cut) from 12 Jul to determine what we would have paid at the store; after adjusting for weight of organ meets and bones, I calculated we paid a whooping ~$14 more for the grass beef – a very small price to pay indeed to know what the cow ate, the extra health benefits gained, and to support a local rancher rather than corporate-ag.”

J. Templeton in Leavenworth, Kansas

“We are both very happy with the beef. I’m not super familiar with the steak cuts, it’s normally just too expensive to buy those products in grass-fed at the store but we do buy a lot of ground beef and it’s really good. Not a lot of grease and has great flavor! We’d definitely order again and are very happy!

Angie in Kansas City, Missouri – Aug. 2014

“We order from Full Sircle because we want to feed our family sustainable meats that don’t contain all the drugs and chemicals.”

Brenda in Parkville, Missouri

We’ve been very happy with Full Sircle Farms… I love knowing more about the source of the food we’re eating.

Sarah in Olathe, Kansas

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