Buy Grass Fed Beef

Buy Grass Fed Beef

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We sell 1/4 and 1/2 (a side) of beef and have assembled a list of frequently asked questions.

Grass Fed Beef Q&A

How much does the meat cost?
Kansas City Grass Fed Beef beef prices are $4.25/lb HANGING WEIGHT (subject to market changes) for a side (1/2) of beef plus processing, butcher and disposal (PBD) fees of $.50-.60 cents, + $100 per whole beef for butcher and disposal. So 1/2 beef = $50 in PBD. Call today to reserve a side before they are taken for 2017.

Hanging weight refers to the weight of the beef as it hangs in the butcher’s cooler once the non-edible parts are removed. On average, your final cost will be circa $5.50-$6.50/pound for the take-home  packaged cuts after  cutting, de-boning, trimming and aging,   We’ve seen 90/10 hamburger in the grocery store costing  $5.99.  You get steaks, roasts and ground beef.

  • One half beef: $4.25 /lb +$50 PBD
  • Mixed Quarter: $4.50/lb +$25 PBD (We divide and mix the half so there is an even amount of steaks, roasts and other cuts.)
  • All prices subject to  market changes

Due to the nature of beef cuts, is best to order a half because you will get mostly roasts on the front quarter. We recommend that you split the half with a friend or family member mixing the steaks and roasts evenly. We also offer this service on our Mixed Quarters.

Beef Cuts Chart

How much freezer space do I need?
For a ¼ of a cow you would need approximately 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space. If you need extra freezer space, Costco, Sam’s and Sears all sell small stand alone freezers starting around $200.

How much actual beef do I get from the cow?
The average beef will weigh about 800-900lbs live weight. This will produce about approximately 300-500 lbs of usable processed meat. (hanging weight) The exact amount will depend on the cuts that you choose when you have it processed and the weight of the calf at time of delivery.   After processing we let the beef dry age for 14 days in order to tenderize and add flavor.    You will lose around 25% of your weight after this due to removed bones and fat, and the dehydration from the aging process.  Please click below for further detail about these losses.

What Cuts will I get?
Standard Cuts for 1/2 a Steer, Depends on Size!

What can you expect on a half of beef? Of course this is just  guideline and size factors will influence final product.*

In general terms the beef carcass as typically cut ends up being 20% bone and trims loss, 20% steaks, 20% roasts, and 40% ground beef.

Typical cuts include:

  •  Sirloin, Ribeye, and T-Bone Steaks (or strip steaks and tenderloin)
  • Top Round Steaks, and/or London Broil
  • Chuck Roasts
  • Arm Roasts
  • Neck Soup Bones
  • Shank Soup Bones / Brisket
  • 3 – 5 lbs. of Stew Beef / Short Ribs
  •  Rolled Rump Roasts
  • Heel of round
  • Ground Beef in 1. 11/2 or 2 lb. pkgs.

Beef Cuts Chart

How do I cook Grass Fed Beef?
T-Bone Steak with Mushrooms and Spinach Feb 24th, 2012Click here for an article on Cooking Grass Fed Beef. Bottom line – Sear to seal and don’t overcook![/su_spoiler]

How do I get started?
A deposit of $250 for a “quarter”, $400 for a “half”.  The remainder is due when you pick up you beef at the farm.  We accept cash or local checks.

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They are all 100% Angus Beef
What about food Safety?

All of our beef is processed by a small family owned local meat processor. They are a USDA certified meat processing plant with state of the art facilities.

Farm Winter 2012
Full Sircle Farms Winter 2012

Services we offer other farms don’t:

  • We pick up your meat from the butcher.
  • We box up your meat (when we can) so you can pick it up and go!

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